>> Our company is specialized in:

  • Machining accuracy
  • Machining profile
  • Completion of the aluminum profile
  • Assembly and finishing
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>> Click here to download our brochure.

>> Our experience and our complementary equipment

place BD Technologies as your ideal partner to manufacture

your products.

>> Our company was newly created by four associates. The

CEO is: Sir Serge Laitsélart. We currently have 22

employees working in 3×7.

>> Our site of 6000 m2 include 2800 m2 of workshops

equipped with 12 CNC machines and a store of 1,000 m2.

>> Our machines are used to optimize our potential in two

types of activities:

  • The technical part, prototype or small series
  • The aluminum accessory, in series

>> We are putting also at your service:

  • Supply and storage of your raw material
  • Surface treatment
  • Purchasing and installation of industrial supplies
  • Packaging
  • Delivery to customers
  • Energy
  • Building
  • Defense
  • Tools
  • Aeronautics
  • Rail
  • Automotive equipment
  • ...

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>> This is a sample of products we manufacture:


>> 5 Machining centers for machining the extruded aluminum profile 360 °.

  • Manufacture of parts of a few millimeters to more than 6 meters.

>> 5 CNC 3 and 4 axes, palletized palettisées.

  • Programming from 3D files.

>> 2 Palletized machining centers 3 axes for small parts.

>> Conventional turning and milling.

>> Workshop saw equipped with automatic saws.

  • Cut straight
  • Cutting aluminum sheets up to 100 mm thick


>> Cutting aluminum sheets up to 100 mm thick

ISO 9001 - COFRAC>> Certified ISO9001 since July 2012, B&D TECHNOLOGIES is engaged in a Quality approach, ensuring customer satisfaction and long-term development of the company.

>> Aware on the major importance of deadlines respect, control costs, quality of its products and services, management and all staff implement continuous improvement steps of all processes, with an aim of organization, management and realization performances.


ZA des Clergous

23 rue J.Rostand

81600 Gaillac-France



BY PLANE: Via the airport of Toulouse Blagnac


  • A68, via Toulouse, exit at Gaillac, downtown, then head Cordes, follow the businessarea of Clergous.
  • N88, via Clermont-Ferrand, Gaillac towards Albi, city center, follow the business area of Clergous.

>> Your contacts:

Branch: Serge LAITSÉLART

Administrative and Financial manager: Marie-Claude MOLINIER

Sales manager: Richard FÉDOU

Purchasing manager: Christelle CHAPPERT

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>> Our company is currently looking for staff: du personnel:

  • An apprentice BAC PRO Machining Technician or BTS CPRP
  • He will be integrated into the production department.

    >> If you wish to apply for it, thank you to attach your cover letter and your resume with this adress:

    We will reply as soon as possible.

    Thank you for visiting !